Meet Yali
My Story
After years of stress in an unhealthy, highly stressful environment along with hidden nutritional imbalance, signs emerged indicating that my health was going downhill. However, they didn’t catch my attention until I reached a point of total collapse in 2011. Out of that depth, I started the healing journey to find solutions. I visited innumerable doctors, both local or out of state, and even the well-known Mayo Clinic. All kinds of tests done from various clinics offered differing diagnoses and some medications. Temporarily they made me feel good, but I was not getting my full health, energy and life back.

By then, I had to quit my job as a CPA and rest at home. Since I grew up in China, I've always held a fascination in Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM), and how its practitioners interact with patients. I decided to find solutions through holistic approaches and naturopathic modalities. Like an onion being peeled layer by layer, I was getting better and better, but still something was missing. Until I found NES Health BioenergetiX WellNES System, my health was improved to a whole new level. Not only was I amazed by the bioenergetic scan results such as gluten sensitivities, nutrition regulations, energy blockages, and emotional traumas,  etc., which pointed me to a correct direction without guessing work, but also the remedies it provides to get the body conditioned to be healed by itself through Infoceuticals and miHealth, which further move it in a healing state to absorb nutrients through diets and supplements. By God's mercy and grace I am healed and my health is restored. I thank God for all these natural modalities and cutting-edge technologies, and hence I want to share my insights, my experiences and expertise for those who need help and support in their healing journey.

Through my own journey from illness to health in the past not only have I learned about our body’s own self-healing mechanism as designed by God, our Creator, but more importantly God has put this deep passion in my heart to help, support and coach others in a similar journey. When I see my elderly parents benefiting from my guidance and their chronic health conditions improved; when I see miraculous emotional and behavior changes in a boy through the assessment of NES scans and the use of infoceuticals; when I see a young college girl suffering from IBS for years but finally restored to normal digestion, healthy weight loss and being able to enjoy nutritional food; when I see an over-stressed mom returning to herself with balanced emotions; in short, when I see health shifting for people who are willing to make changes after they learn about their body’s deeper signals through NES scans and remedies, my heart is filled with unspeakable joy. I can’t help praising God for His grace and healing power in our lives, and I’m humbled to be used as a channel!

As a Certified NES Health Bioenergetic Practitioner and an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, equipped with personal life experiences, science-based knowledge and tools to guide and support you for achieving your health goals, I can inform you on the right next steps so that you don’t have to spend years of searching the solutions, tens of thousands of dollars on trying. I am here to serve you and contribute all my training and heart to support you in your health and wellness journey.

My Encouragement for you
Healing is a journey. It’s not an easy journey but may feel like walking out of a valley and summiting the peak of a mountain, so it takes effort to continue moving forward even if you are not feeling it; it takes commitment to make changes even if you think it’s hard to change; it takes courage to face your pain even if you want to avoid it. However, it’s a rewarding journey, a journey with God, a journey to know God’s love and to know yourself, a journey to experience God’s mercy and grace, a journey of being empowered in God’s truth and love, and truly being healed, not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually – total restoration as a whole person.

Sometimes when you are tired of walking, or want to quit in this journey, a little nudge will help you to move forward. Let me be the little nudge for you. It would be my honor to support you in your healing journey!

Taking action
If you are serious about your health, if you are willing to take actions for changes, if you are committed to do the work, if you are ready to be empowered to take your health back to your own hands, if you are health conscious, and want to improve your health to the next level by taking proactive actions, then I am here for you to help you, support you, and guide you in your health journey! Working together, we will foster favorable conditions for activating your body’s innate healing mechanism, I will walk with you and help you get down to the root causes of your symptoms while empowering you to make necessary and sustainable changes.

As the Chinese saying goes, a thousand miles start with a single step.